So sánh sản phẩm



Replacing the narrow kitchen near the entrance with spacious storage room with classic modernistic design and opening the floor plan to interconnect kitchen, dining and living room premises the architects created a spacious modern arrangement. The interior is dominated by natural tonalities, dark colors and warm color combinations that include fresh hints in light blue but the extensive wooden cladding, custom-made furniture, and wall-pieces, heavy textural presence of darkly colored curtains and the abundance of black design details gives a strong darker note to the decor. But the contrast between the blue and brawn elements of the decor is quite expressive.

The furniture arrangement entwines unique design pieces and custom-made structures like the entrance greeting storage space: the storage units integrated into the wall cladding in the living room, the elegant suspended desk that is a part of the bed construct in the master bedroom and so on. Those specific design touches carry not only high functionality for urban lifestyle but introduce charm and unique character to the design composition. The design project offers simplistic yet functional and expressive combinations.

Trendy design approach connects the bedroom with the bathroom premises mediated by transparent glass walls and structures. Intriguing graphic geometry led by strategically arranged black design elements defines the main living premises. This modernistic expression is rounded up by the warm textural elements ant the far end of the living room – curtains and elegant light-blue sofa give a visual anchor to the straight lines and black corners of the decor composition.